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Ben Davenport at 6:52 Dec 2, 2010

"There are currently comments." is not a particularly good failure mode when javascript is turned off. There are (were, after I post this), NOT comments, in fact...

And while I'm complaining about free things, the comment preview section clears the 'human' box.

Mark at 22:48 Mar 22, 2011

sorry about the lack of comments. The cupcake looked like commenting on........but..........uoohgk!**

Hope this helps somewhere with something, some how, some what, some may say, but I say some things should some how, some times remain some what of a mystery.

Or, ** just not experienced.

I finally am planning a website and if it gets any where near the response I have had to shuffle through in making my way to this point , I'm certainly going to have to cut back on some " some s' " some where, some how @ some time in the some where near some what future.

I'll let you know.

modifyMan: theEarlyYears....... It is better too have and not need, than to need and not have.......until you have obtained too much and can't find what you really do need.

Mark at 22:55 Mar 22, 2011

I take it you not much into java. Its a great concept, but strange @ times code. Then there's ActionScript...................

Peter Keller at 18:37 Jul 8, 2014

Hrm, I always knew you had a dark vein about you!

Your Hatred of Cupcakes Is a Little Sexist


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